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Android phone with appsWe're Android app developers based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK.

Many businesses now have apps for their staff, suppliers and customers. Whether you need an app to help your staff work easier and more efficiently, or an app that lets you market directly to your customers' pocket, now is the perfect time to benefit from your own Android app.

The time and cost to have your own Android app is surprisingly affordable and realistic. We guarantee compatibility with over 99% of Android devices and should you ever have any problems, all our apps come with inclusive unlimited support for two full years.

You own the delivered app including the full copyright and also get the source code. You can install your app on as many devices as you want, give it to your staff, put it on your website, encourage your customers to download it or even publish it on app stores like Google Play for sale or free download.

We can also help you setup any of these things, we offer end-to-end service.

All you need to get started is an idea.
Stuck for an idea? Scroll down for examples and inspiration…

Companies can empower their workers to easily access the tools they need to be productive with the help of the corporate app


Android offers a rich set of features, facilities and services which can be called upon to create interesting, fun, and useful apps. The true value and innovation comes in the way that these can also be combined in various ways to create even more unique and useful outcomes. Whilst Location services are very handy to have, it isn't until this is combined with Maps and/or Speech that it becomes possible to build a turn-by-turn navigation aid. The number of combinations that these features and services can be combined is very large, and the following list shows only the most common of them; which is nowhere near everything Android actually offers.

In the examples below there are some ideas on more exciting ways some of these items can be combined to create apps that really are capable of solving business problems or marketing to customers in engaging and compelling ways.

Please note that not all devices have all features. Not all devices take SIM cards. Data connectivity and SMS messaging requires a SIM-enabled device with a package that allows mobile data or SMS. A 3G or 4G SIM and availability of a 3G or 4G cellular network are required for these features; not all devices support 4G networks yet. Not all devices have all sensors; heart rate monitors are typically found only in the newest devices. We can advise and guide on the subject of feature suitability during the planning stage if you wish to target a specific range of end devices. Please say hello if you have any queries regarding feature and device compatibility, we know a lot about the subject and will be pleased to help you.

Why Android?

The Google Play Store has had 95 billion+ app downloads and will only continue to grow.
Android also has 1 billion+ active 30-day users in any 30-day period, and growing!
Pie chart of mobile market share
IDC predicts the Mobile market share 2014 to be 80.2% Android.

Android has a huge user audience, the biggest by a wide margin – over 1 billion active users in any 30-day period. Android is also a fully open platform and supports multiple app stores. The time to market is much quicker and cheaper because your app doesn't need to pass a convoluted verification process where somebody else can reject or revoke your app for any reason at any time, which could leave you with no way to reach your own end users and render your app useless.


We are very transparent with our pricing for offering quality apps. If your app matches one of the pricing tiers below this will be all you pay, unless there are additional extras agreed up-front. If your app is more specific we offer custom development pricing which is more tailored to your exact needs and can be quoted for individually if you contact us. If you have an existing app on another platform you would like converted to Android, or wish to duplicate a competitors Android app, we offer custom pricing for app cloning.

All apps supplied by us come with the .apk file which is needed to install your app, either directly or from your website or over email. We also supply you with the keystore file which is needed if you choose to publish your app in an app store like Google Play (we can help with this too, please see below).

You also get the full source code which lets you or other developers fully change your app in the future. Most developers do not supply the source code or assets but we are fully open and do not attempt to lock you in to only using our services in future. You can take these files to any other developer who you may wish to modify your app in the future.

Our pricing tiers:

For free (inclusive goodies)
  • Supply the .apk file and the keystore file
  • Supply the full source code and assets used
  • You have full copyright and ownership for all work done
  • Full unlimited support for 2 years for bugs/defects in workmanship
  • Guaranteed to work with the next 2 releases of Android (at least)
  • Sample .apk's for you to test your app before completion sign-off
  • 2 free rounds of revisions to tweak your app screens or information
  • High quality app artworks for use in marketing, training or a press kit

From £149 (yes, really)
  • …all of the above
  • Choose the name of your app and the title bar text shown when opened
  • Your branded logo on the apps list & the home screen when installed
  • Your app can have up to 2 screens showing whatever you would like
  • (We suggest the first screen shows your branded splash intro)
  • (We suggest the second screen shows a company intro & contact info)
  • Any address, telephone, email, website & social network details can be made live
  • The address is tappable & will open the user's Google Maps to your address
  • The phone numbers are tappable & will open the user's phone dialler to call
  • The email is tappable & will open the user's email app to a write new email
  • The website is tappable & will open the user's web browser to browse your site
  • The social networks are tappable & will open the user's Facebook/etc. to your page
  • Ideal for an app business card or to show a fixed customer discount code.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

From £249 (keep in touch)
  • …all of the above
  • Your app can have 3 additional screens (max. 5) showing whatever you like
  • (We suggest a main menu navigation, photo gallery & contact form)
  • Include a user entry form in one of your screens that can send data to a server
  • Fully design all the screens to show more information and pictures
  • All screens can be made more graphical & feature enhanced design content
  • Direct in-app access to mobile version of your website (or just specific pages)1
  • 2 years access to the cloud app dashboard for managing your apps & users2
  • App analytics to gather usage metrics (installations, location, device type etc.)
  • Direct message all your app users to create status notifications on their device
  • Analytics to monitor the number of users who received & read your messages
  • 1 additional round of revisions to tweak your app screens or information
  • Ideal for businesses to do direct & instant marketing straight to customers.
    Ideal for an information portal & broadcast communication tool for mobile staff.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

From £349 (do your thing)
  • …all of the above
  • 1 hour consultancy meeting to plan your app layout, screens & functionality3
  • Your app can have 5 additional screens (max. 10) showing whatever you like
  • Include 2 more user entry forms in any of your screens
  • Start using in-app video & audio streams to really make your app come alive
  • Include real-time live social feeds and other advanced content types for interaction
  • Choose any feature, service or capability from here & we'll build your idea
  • Schedule direct messages for your users up to 1 month in the future
  • Target specific users for your direct messages, e.g. those near a certain location
  • 1 additional round of revisions to tweak your app screens or information
  • Ideal for businesses to build a unique exciting feature to fully engage end users.
    Ideal for a staff training tool which lets users access technical information.
    Ideal as an interactive product catalogue with information & link to place order.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

From £449 (give them awesome)
  • …all of the above
  • 1 additional hour for your consultancy meeting4
  • Your app can have 5 additional screens (max. 15) showing whatever you like
  • Include 2 more user entry forms in any of your screens
  • Choose any other feature, service or capability from here & we'll build your idea
  • (We suggest making something useful or interesting by combining your 2 choices)
  • Integrate your app with your existing servers, databases and systems
  • Create something compelling for your staff or customers to keep using the app
  • 2 additional rounds of revisions to tweak your app screens or information
  • Ideal for making something truly unique & useful for your customers or staff.
    Ideal for job quoting apps, in-app sales ordering from your product catalogue.
    Ideal for customer loyalty schemes, members centres & basic social networking.
    Ideal for tracking and managing your mobile workforce with live job data.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

When you need something more specific:

Bigger projects (our app forge)
  • …all of the above is of course possible
  • Custom consulting hours for all stages of the development process
  • As many screens and design elements as your app desires
  • Include as many user entry forms in any of your screens as required
  • Choose any features, services or capabilities from here & we'll build your idea
  • (We suggest making something useful or interesting by combining your choices)
  • Unlimited rounds of revisions to tweak your app in every way
  • Custom specification and job price quoting
  • Say hello now and we can take the first steps to forging your dream app
  • Ideal for large, custom and highly interactive apps with live data sources, two-way database communication, rich media, specialist peripheral connection, utilising several of the features, services or capabilities from here.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Clone an app (developing Dolly)
  • Show us any app on any platform and we can create an identical specification to begin development in a legally compliant "clean room" method
  • Only assets you own can be directly copied due to copyright law; however the core ideas and functionality of other apps can be recreated from scratch
  • The cloned app will recreate the features and experience of the original app
  • Rather than creating pixel-identical copies the cloned app uses native widgets
  • Custom consulting hours for all stages of the development process
  • As many screens and design elements as is required to complete the clone
  • You can choose to clone only particular parts of an app rather than the entire app
  • Unlimited rounds of revisions to tweak your app in every way after cloning
  • Custom specification and job price quoting
  • Say hello now and we can take the first steps to beginning the cloning process
  • Ideal for customers who have an existing app on a different platform they would like porting, or who wish to compete with another third-party app.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

To summarise our offerings, expand and view this table:

Quick-view price and feature matrix
.apk and keystoreYes
Source codeYes
Own copyrightYes
2 year supportYes
Tappable contactsYes
Max screens251015UnlimitedMatch
Max formsNone135UnlimitedMatch
Extra featuresNone12UnlimitedMatch
In-app websiteNoYesMatch
Cloud app dashboardNo2 years incl.Addable
App metricsNoBasicAdvancedAddable
App notifications5NoYes (PAYG)Addable
Schedule notificationsNoYesAddable
Target notificationsNoYesAdvancedAddable
Notification analyticsYesAdvancedAddable
Consultancy hours6None12UnlimitedUnlimited
Revision rounds2346UnlimitedUnlimited
App coolness***************

Publishing your app

If you wish to make your app available for public download you can do this at one or more app stores. The biggest is Google Play but as Android is an open platform you are not limited and have several to choose from. We offer a complete end-to-end service to publish your app as part of the project. The cost to publish your app on Google Play is higher because this includes the mandatory one-off Google development account setup fee (which is a Google requirement even for publishing free apps there). These prices cover everything needed, including generating artwork and screenshots to brand your app download page; visually appealing pages attract more downloads.

Google Play badge £29 Amazon Appstore badge £14 Opera Mobile Store badge £11

If you wish to charge users to download your app, these app stores pay you 70% of the purchase revenue. Apps on public app stores get badges (like above) to link from your website or display on your printed materials.

QR Code

You are not required to publish your app in a public app store, however you have the choice to do so at any point in the future. You might instead prefer to distribute your app directly which you can do via your own company app store, your website, email, intranet, QR Code, or direct installation to employee devices – we can help with all these things too, please contact us.

1 Mobile website not supplied. Your site should be mobile friendly like ours for a good user experience.
2 After this inclusive period expires additional access can be purchased for just £20/year.
3 Reasonable travel expenses may be applicable if meeting excessively far from Bedfordshire.
4 The second hour is to run concurrently after the first, thereby extending it to 2 hours.
5 Message capacity can be purchased in the dashboard for just £1 per 1000 messages.
6 Additional consultancy hours can be purchased, please say hello to discuss your specific needs.

71% of organizations are already using or planning to use custom mobile applications


Screenshots of example app features are in the Price details. Click the tabs for more examples…


Marketing example Marketing example Marketing example Marketing example Marketing example

Get in your customers' pocket
Using your cloud app dashboard you can prepare promotions to be sent directly to your customers' pocket. Create a program of timed and event-driven buying signals and track the response and engagement visually in real time.

Some example app screenshots are available in the keep in touch pricing tier.


GPS and mapping features allow you to build innovative internal, customer facing, or end user apps.

  • For your staff: Monitor and manage your work force in real time
    • More efficiently plan jobs
    • Improve response times for call-outs
    • Automatic recording of route and mileage
  • For your customers: Let them get closer to your operation and staff
    • Tracking a parcel delivery van or taxi with accurate ETA
    • Demonstrate call-out times and service levels are upheld
    • Reduce administrative burden of query calls from delays
    • More customer convenience, better plan slots around live ETAs
  • For end users: Create location aware social apps
    • Let users broadcast and share a location just like content
    • Enable check-ins to buildings, events or specific hot-spots
    • Provide geo-fencing boundary alerts for safety and security
    • Offer proximity awareness to notify users of nearby friends
    • Plot routes and directions for store finders or satnav

Various systems (both legacy and new) can be integrated with the live location data to provide automatic tasks or replace existing manual tasks. External systems can drive location data or act on data events and triggers as part of processes.

  • Inform customers if a worker is running significantly late
  • Inform customers just before an impending arrival; like a visit or delivery
  • Messages can be via a combination of in-app notification, SMS, email and more
  • Update corporate database with location history, mileage, activity and job status
  • Store, mine and analyse big data for patterns to improve business practices


The cloud app dashboard is available to all apps from the “keep in touch” price tier and above.

Not only does it let you create direct in-app targeted marketing campaigns and send push-message notifications to your users' devices, you can also view a wide variety of metrics and statistics, including:

  • Installation count and change
  • New, active and lapsed user count
  • Device OS, form factor and specification
  • Country and method of installation
  • Notifications received, read, unread and deleted
  • Custom metrics for custom projects

You can track the efficacy of your direct-to-device marketing campaigns and begin to understand your installed and active user base.


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