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The historic county town of Bedford on the River Ouse is where our app developer team is based. Bedford is situated in the middle of the Oxford-Cambridge "Oxbridge" arc, next to Milton Keynes. Bedford is a beautiful town famous for many things including its river, the river festival, the embankment and the many bridges that go over it. However, Bedford also has a surprising hidden history of technology.

Before anybody knew about an app or app development, Bedford was home to Texas Instruments UK, the electronics giant. It was also home to Granada Microcare at Technology House, the hardware and software support for Acorn Computers in nearby Cambridge. Acorn RISC Machines developed the original ARM chip that now powers nearly all mobile devices, and by extension, all the apps they run.

In a way our local computer history has come full-circle. Most people are surprised to learn Bedford engineers installed and supported RISCiX; Acorn's very own BSD UNIX operating system. These computers were of course powered by the nearby invented ARM microprocessor. That processor is now the most popular in the world by a very wide margin, powering Android, Apple, Windows and nearly all other mobile devices. Android and iOS devices still run something very similar to RISCiX. Mighty oaks from little Acorns grow!

Going forward, Bedford has a vibrant tech scene with tech hubs and start-ups choosing to be based here. Local businesses stand to gain having easy access to pioneers of the new digital economy on their doorstep and shouldn't let that opportunity pass them by.

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